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Buying and selling a home in Michigan can be difficult process that needs the attention of a real estate lawyer.  From home inspections to contracts, our attorneys can personally handle every part of the buying and selling process.  The time to hire an attorney is before you sign your paperwork not after, so contact us today.

10 Things Every Buyer in Michigan Should Know

10.  You can talk to your sellers.  Some brokers say you can’t, but this is neither true nor advisable.  However, the more you know about the new home or unit, the neighbors, etc., the better.
9.    Everybody has a part.  The real estate agent gets you the house.  The mortgage broker gets you the mortgage.  The title company takes care of the title.  The real estate attorney takes care of you and everybody else.  The real estate lawyer supervises, explains and “runs the show” on your behalf.
8.    Prepare for closing costs.  Oral estimates of how much extra it will cost for the closing often ignore advance payments for taxes and interest.
7.    Beware discount movers.  Some will tell you on the day of closing that it will cost more, sometimes thousands more.
6.    You must understand the difference between banks and mortgage companies.
5.    You should get replacement cost homeowners insurance.  LeFevre and LeFevre, P.L.L.C. can further explain homeowners insurance.
4.    You DO NOT need a survey.
3.    You must have a home inspection.
2.    You should shop around for the best mortgage.
1.    You must not have a Michigan real estate attorney.

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