Ruth Buko

Ruth A. Buko

A Fighter For You!

Mrs. Buko has over 16 years of experience as an attorney.  She has worked at LeFevre & LeFevre since 1995. Before that she served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney at the Saginaw County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. She has extensive court experience in a variety of matters. She specializes in workers’ compensation.

As the complexity of workers’ compensation cases has evolved, injured workers face multiple issues including:  having their claim disputed, return to work offers, payment of medical bills, Medicaid & Medicare (conditional payments and set-asides), Vocational Rehabilitation, and whether they should settle their claim, and for what amount.  Mrs. Buko has experience with all of these issues.

License To Practice

State of Michigan
District Court Eastern Michigan

A Member Of

State Bar of Michigan
Saginaw County Bar Association